Friday, January 2, 2009

Answering the Challenge to Write a Happy Post

Psh... one of my readers Luuworld challenged me to write a happy post, as if I couldn't write a happy post. Well, here it is. First off, today Dad was discharged from the hospital. But not before waiting 9 hours for all the insurance paper work to clear. In the meantime, I was wanting to eat a little more than the hospital food. So I crossed the street and went to the corner diner that I had been wanting to see for some time. I absolutely love, love, love diners. They are cozy, warm and unpretentious. The waitresses call you "honey". The cooks look like they learned how to cook in the military. The customers have tired, but honest, faces.

I fell in love with diners back in my college days in Los Angeles. I didn't go to many diners when I was in California; I learned to appreciate them on the many road trips I took, especially the ones where I would drive cross country from California to New York. They all look different. They all feel the same. They make me feel happy. Like I'm really welcome and will always have a place to stay. Walking into the diner across the street from the hospital, all those old feelings of happiness came back. I took my time looking at the menu. I took in my surroundings and breathed a sigh of relief. It felt good to be out of the hospital. It felt like I was on a road trip. Maybe I even felt a bit young again. Wait a minute, I am young, damn it. I'm only 39, and I'm sure I don't look older than 30.

OK, so this post isn't exactly brimming with heart-pounding happiness. Actually, I had a dream last night that DID make me supremely happy. I almost forgot about it, the day was so hectic. I was with two Asian guys that I had never seen before. From the way we were interacting, I knew that one of them was a very good friend. The other was a guy that I was totally infatuated with. We were all getting on a train. Going somewere, I don't know where. But it felt so real. So fresh. So exciting. I wish I could have that dream again tonight to see where we ended up.


thwany said...

that is a nice dream.

earthmonkey said...

you know you are very fortunate to be able to remember your dreams. I never remember mine when i wake. Hope you will have the part 2 of the train trip soon... and please tell us about it!
yep... its a pretty happy post... like that alot.

Luuworld said...

you're right, the post isn't "brimming with heart-pounding happiness", but it's cheerful, none the less, and made me smile!

i love diners too, it's a shame we don't have that many in norway. this is one of the reasons i would like to go on a long holiday in the us. to eat at diners!

ps, very poetic dream. hope you dream the sequel :-D

J.T. said...

I'm not sure why I am remembering my dreams of late. I'm normally like everyone else in forgetting dreams the moment I wake up.

Last night I did not dream the second part of my dream, but that's all right. It's just a matter of looking at the unknown as a symbol of possibility, not fear.