Sunday, January 11, 2009

3 Reasons to Love January

1. Professional golf starts up on TV again! (I am aware that this could be a reason why I can't find a BF... I have never met another gay guy who gets into golf as much as I do.) Anthony Kim is such a cutie pie, too.

2. Professional tennis starts again! The Australian Open is probably my favorite of the Grand Slams. I get to see Australia, one of my favorite places on earth, on TV and it's nice to see that it's summer somewhere on this planet while it's freezing cold here in NY. And I relish staying up until 3am to watch the matches live.

3. The Golden Globes are tonight! I love movie award season for the sheer pageantry of it all. After seeing Slumdog Millionaire yesterday in Chelsea with Ed, I now know why people have been hyping it up and why it will win Best Movie at the Oscars. Revolutionary Road might be more in line with the high-minded tastes of the Academy voters, but hey, if Shakespeare in Love can win Best Picture, Slumdog can as well.


Raven said...

I still haven't seen Slumdog. Somehow I'm just not terribly excited about any of the movies this award season. After the Oscars I'll probably do a DVD catch-up the way I did last year. I really didn't like most of last year's contenders.

J.T. said...

I totally hear you Raven. When people started saying in October that Dark Knight was going to be the best movie of the year, I knew that was a bad sign.

This was a weak year for movies, kind of like the year that American Beauty won best picture. But do see Slumdog at some point.

Raven said...

Slumdog is the only one I actually may see sometime in the next few weeks. The others, eh, I'll wait.

J.T. said...

And Slumdog wins big!!! Best movie, director, screenplay and score. (I did love the music...)

In these depressing times, I think Academy voters are going to go with the feel-good movie.

So glad to see Kate Winslet finally win something for all her efforts, too.

Luuworld said...

golf= boooooring!
award shows= fun!

ps, you stay up till 3 a.m watching tennis??! don't you have a day job? :-D