Thursday, April 30, 2009

In My Life

Everyone approaches middle age in a different way. My old boss went out and bought a motorcycle (there really are people who do this) and a Maserati for good measure (not many people can really do this.) Given my HIV, I am fairly certain that I have already passed middle age. That I seem to think a lot about Greg and Doug these days who are already gone seems to be another indicator. My doctors have assured me that I should live out my natural life span, but no one knows the long-term effects of the meds I am taking. On the other hand, it's been five years now and I consider myself really fortunate to have suffered no serious complications or side effects. At any rate, my response to 40 in a few weeks has been to plan a trip to Machu Picchu. It's one of those places I always said I would go to--and then made an excuse not to go because no one would go with me. To be honest, it was scary buying the tickets which in hindsight, was all the more reason to do it. This will be the first time I ever visit a place where I know absolutely no one. Where I will be alone. But I've also heard that Peru is full of backpackers who come alone. Is it that they're more adventurous? More solitary? More middle-aged? I guess I'll have something to figure out when I'm there.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I was so sad to read about the passing of Bea Arthur this weekend. I only knew her as one of the Golden Girls, but I'm not sure I would have wanted to have known her as anyone else. She was so funny, so witty, with a look, a line. The way she lost her patience with Rose's ridiculously unbelievable St. Olaf stories, the way she shot down Blanche's tales of the lost South was some of the best comedy you ever saw. I loved, loved, loved the episodes where she sang. Impersonating Cher. Mr. Sandman. The Miami is Nice song. And then there were the episodes where she took a stand. Supporting pregnant teen mothers. Dispelling ignorance about HIV. Insisting that there is life to be lived in your Golden Years. I can't believe she's gone. It will be so strange watching reruns of the show knowing she's no longer alive. For many nights last year, watching the Golden Girls at 1 a.m. was the last thing I would do before going to sleep. It was like having a slumber party with some of your best buddies. Why do I get the feeling it just won't be as much fun anymore?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Susan Who?

If you haven't seen this woman sing yet, click on the link!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Duck Beats Tiger

Given that the Masters was played over Easter weekend, perhaps it was only fitting that Argentine Angel Cabrera, 39, nicknamed El Pato (The Duck, cuz he kind of has the walk and belly of one) won the tournament for his first green jacket. Oh, I was aching plenty for Kenny Perry who probably lost his last, best chance to win a major at age 48. But then I remembered Cabrera's back story--the kid who grew up so dirt poor he had to drop out of elementary school to earn money to support his parents. And how could you not love him when after his US Open victory in 2007 he said, "Other players have sports psychologists; I smoke."

Nor was Angel shy about voicing his opinion last year on the LPGA's ridiculous (thankfully, short-lived) policy that would have required the women golfers to learn and speak English or be barred from playing on the tour. Angel, who understands some English and speaks little, was offended. (He gave his victory interview in Spanish with the help of an interpreter.) A player should be judged by her ability to swing the clubs without the threat of an English exam hanging over her head.

I will look forward to seeing Angel year after year after year at the Masters. No, he won't be chain-smoking his way down the 18th fairway the way he did at the US Open, but I'm sure you'll hear El Pato's quack loud and clear in future Augusta appearances.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

We All Start Somewhere

One of my stories is going to be turned into a film!!! OK, so it's a student film, and it's only going to be 15 minutes, but one of my stories is going to be put on film! It will shoot next weekend, and the student/producer has asked me to be the Script Supervisor, which means I will get free food throughout the shoot and a chance to shadow the director and learn camera angles. I am so excited!

So what's the story? One Good Guy meets One Girl on the street, recognizing her as the girl he has a crush on from Facebook. But she's not the girl he thought she would be. Sad. Tired. With marks of abuse on her face. Her boyfriend, One Bad Guy, makes his appearance. As luck would have it, One Bad Guy and One Good Guy have one bad history.

One Bad Guy and One Girl are in a restaurant. She asks how he knows One Good Guy. One Bad Guy wants to know how she knows One Good Guy. The pathetic, dangerous need to constantly demonstrate power and control culminates in a very public slap across One Girl's face. She gets up and staggers out of the restaurant.

One Good Guy has been observing from across the street. He now runs across the street and takes her hand. The two set off running, with One Bad Guy giving chase. He overtakes the two and gives One Good Guy the thrashing of his life. One Good Guy bleeds on the sidewalk with One Girl kneeling by his side. One Bad Guy laughs and leaves.

One Good Guy and One Girl lie side by side in bed, fully clothed. The blood on his face still drying. The tears on her face still drying. Allowing a bond to form. The knowledge of what it is to be beaten, physically and mentally, by One Bad Guy. A gentle, confused kiss.

One Good Guy and One Girl sit on a bench in the park. Wondering where they go from here. One Bad Guy comes around with a knife. One Girl tells him to put it away. There's no need for violence. Because she'll walk away with him. Leaving One Good Guy all alone with a broken, fearful heart.