Thursday, November 14, 2013

Imagine a Room...

Imagine a room that you might inhabit.  Imagine a box in this room.  Where is this box in the room and how large is it?  Imagine a ladder in the room.  Where is this ladder and how large is it?  Imagine flowers in the room.  How many flowers are there and where are they in the room?  Imagine a horse of your very own.  What would this horse be like?  Where is this horse in relation to the room?  Out the window is an approaching storm.  Describe this storm.  How does it make you feel?

These were the questions posed to me earlier this evening by a friend, and this is how I answered:

1.  How large is your box and where is it?  My box is the size of a small night stand and in the corner.
2.  Where is the ladder and how large is it?  It's a fairly large ladder, and it's hanging on the wall like a work of art.
3.  How many flowers are there and where are they?  There's a bouquet of flowers and they're in a vase on the box.
4.  What is your horse like?  It's golden brown, and it's roaming the farm just outside my window.
5.  What is the storm like?  It's an ominous thunderstorm with heavy rains, but I'm not afraid of it. In fact, the winds cool my room.

Have you answered these questions honestly?  Here are the interpretations:

1.  The box is your ego.  How large and where it is in the room speak to its place in your life.  I was told that I have a moderately sized ego, that it's under control, and that I know not to let it dominate my life.
2.  The ladder speaks to ambition.  I have ambition, but don't always act on it.  Right now, I seem to be contemplating it.
3.  The flowers are your friends.  I have a good mix of people close to me, and I hold them dear (as they are sitting on top of my box, my ego.)
4.  The horse is your partner.  The more you describe the horse, the pickier you are about what you seek in your partner.  I let my horse roam freely outside, but I take comfort in knowing I can see it at all times.
5.  The storm is your coping mechanism.  I don't let my troubles overwhelm me.  In fact, I try to turn them to my advantage.

I was blown away by how accurate this little psychological puzzle was.  I found it to be all essentially true.  How about you?


Joey said...

I've had this asked of me before as well, and at the time it was quite accurate, describing my then situation and predicament. Though if asked now, without the bias of knowing the interpretation, my responses would be very different.

J.T. said...

So nice to see you again, Joey. And good luck with the business. What a stressful, yet exciting, time this must be for you. Hope you are well.

Boom Shaka Laka said... results were definitely accurate and similar to yours. Thinking back on my current situations, they made sense. Do you have the name of the psychological test? I have a medium ego, my ambition is on hold (trying to start family with husband), roses on bedside table (close to friends and family), black horse with white design on forehead in field outside house, and monsoon-like storm outside. I'm not too worried but would like to know where the flashlight is. Yes I can be a worry-wart at times.

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