Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who knew there would be Internet cafes all over Cusco?

And that they would be so cheap? For a dollar you get an hour and a half worth of time! OK, since I am not planning on spending an hour and a half here, I´ll just give some general comments.

1. I am singularly impressed by the gentleness of the locals here. On top of that they look you straight in the eye and smile when you say hola.
2. I am staying in a hotel called Ninos Hotel. You can find it at Please check it out if you can. I am so humbled by how much one person can accomplish.
3. Yesterday I hiked to a place called Sacsayhuyman, pictured above. You can read about it at Wikipedia, but you had to be there to experience the vibe it gave off. It was truly electric.
4. Today I went horseback riding above the town of Cusco. I will post those pics when I get back. To see the mountains under such a clear blue sky, dogs and horses running about, to feel the sun beating down, it was all so peaceful. But I also had a personable, adorable 19 year old guide. Between my Spanish and his English, we laughed for three hours. I hope I am not walking like a cowboy tomorrow.
5. Tomorrow I am starting a four day biking and hiking trip to Machu Picchu which will mark the end of my time in Peru. I am planning on coming back again so if anyone wants to join me next time, you´ll have someone as a guide.

I hope everyone is doing well.


dannie said...

the picture is pretty. can't wait to see the photos you post. glad you're enjoying your trip.

Rob said...

The friendliness of locals is pretty much the norm in Latin America. I'd even say it's especially true among a lot of less fortunate families who despite their limited resources can be truly hospitable.
If you ever watch "Y Tu Mama Tambien" they do show how the spoiled middle class leads meet some really nice people in small towns (and of course they look like jerks vs. the poor ones).

Raven said...

Beautiful photo. I'm glad you're having a great time and meeting some great people.

And to think I almost didn't check your blog because I figured you wouldn't have internet!