Monday, February 9, 2009

Ask a Blogger #11

OK, this is a game created by a guy named AJ, at his blog AJ's Ramblings, and here are the rules:

1) Blogger 1 posts a question on his blog. 2) The first person to comment on said Blogger's post needs to post a comment directing readers to his/her blog, and then becomes Blogger 2. 3) Blogger 2 answers Blogger 1's question on his/her own blog (so Blogger 2's blog). 4) Blogger 2 posts a question on his/her blog. 5) And then the new Blogger repeats step 1-4.

(I feel this is so chain-lettery, lol, but I liked the question that Blogger #10 posed,, which was: Where's the most romantic place you'd like to go with the love of your life? And where's the most exciting place you'd like him/her to take you? Why?

Well, I don't have a BF, so this question really stirs up the imagination. Hawaii was a beautiful place, and I went to the Bahamas a few years ago. I don't think you could go wrong with any tropical island. But I think I would like to go back to Kenya, a country I visited about 12 years ago. Kenya seemed to combine the endless possibilities of romance and adventure and peace. I won't ever forget riding a jeep on the wide open plain, the wind ripping through my hair, the sun beating down, as we chased the zebras, gawked at the giraffes and marveled at the family of elephants. From my hotel window, the sun would sink in a glorious sky of melting colors. In the evenings you knew the Earth was a living creature, as you sensed its heartbeat and were made to feel like a cherished visitor. Good food, mellow wine, the warm night embracing you all at once. All this I would like to experience again with the one that I love.

As for the most exciting place I'd like HIM to take me, how awesome would it be if someone would take me to his parents' home and introduce me as the one he loves. I'd love to be able to sit down to dinner, and have stimulating conversation, and be part of birthdays and anniversaries and family celebrations. To be there in good times and bad times. I think that would be pretty exciting.

The next question I'd like someone to answer is: Who was the last person who made you feel better on a day when you were feeling totally depressed? Please describe why you were feeling sad and what specifically the person did to make you feel better.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I cant type!!

dannie said...

sounds gorgeous! take me take me!

dannie said...

oh yea the part where the wind is blowing in your hair, i'm imagining you with really long hair or something haha.

J.T. said...

I used to have a thick head of hair, but I keep it short mostly these days. I can send you a face pic if you want. Just e-mail me.

And yeah, Kenya is gorgeous.

Rob said...

There's too many places I might choose and where I'd like to go. I have to confess most of my travel has been around Latin America, North America and Europe.
So choosing a spot in Latin America, I would pick an ancient site in Mexico (Mayan or other) or Peru (Machu Pichu).
As per North America, I like SF, I've been there with two ex-bfs and had a great time.
In Europe, I would pick Barcelona.
Of course I need to travel to quite a few other countries in the future.

J.T. said...

I would love to go to Machu Pichu. In fact, I would love to go to Latin America. The only time I ever got to practice my Spanish was in Tijuana for a weekend. Other than that, living here in NYC is as close as I've been to Latin culture.

I would love to go back to Barcelona and spend more time there. I was there briefly in 92 and the guys were soooooo cute.

SF would be a great place to live, but knowing my luck, a major earthquake would hit the moment I arrive at the airport...

Rob said...

Tijuana would be somewhat dreadful ... actually a bit too dangerous nowadays with the drug wars!
There's quite a few good places to visit in Latin America from the more "common" (Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires) to the less traveled (say cities in Colombia or some remote parts of Peru and Bolivia).
At some point I should do a "I'll be your [choose city or country in Latin America] tour guide / companion and have someone reciprocate in Africa or Asia.
As per earthquakes ... I have been through a few, from a major one to less threatening "tremors" and I'm still in one piece. Maybe if you were in SF you'd meet a guy who'd cause an earthquake inside you! :)

dannie said...

sf is the best! you should move here lolol

J.T. said...


I'm sure there are lots of guys on who would love to be your tour guide when you visit their cities in Asia. That's how I got to see Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore.


SF is really the only other city in America I could see myself moving to. If the right job came along, I'd be there.

Luuworld said...

i think berlin is a romantic city. it's certainly a very fun city! i would also like to go to buenos aires and finland. (never been).

earthmonkey said...

i really like your answer to the exciting place you wished your partner would bring you to. i think some of the most special places are the places within one's heart. I have fond memories of my travels but no matter how grand and wonderful the places were, they always fade into vagueness but that could just be me... Some of the most romantic places ive been to were not overseas but right here at homeground... just sitting and chatting late into the night- places within one's heart (and mind) where we invited each other into intimately.