Saturday, October 31, 2009

2nd UGH! Posting In As Many Days

OK, so let me just sound like a middle school girl for a few days here. Today I was supposed to meet up with someone at 2, someone I met online. I waited until 2:15 without so much as a text message informing me that the date was canceled. I duly left.

At 5:30, I get a text message saying "It's not an excuse, but I just slept all day." I canceled with two other people to meet this person, also HIV+. And I thought all HIV+ people were punctual, courteous, brilliant and handsome. Guess not!


Raven said...

Maybe the person you were supposed to meet isn't aware that they have this amazing invention called an alarm clock... Seriously, what a lame reason to stand you up.

I can't believe you only waited fifteen minutes, though. Granted, it would suck to have waited longer when the guy wasn't coming.

J.T. said...

Well, I did call the guy after the 15 minutes of waiting and the phone was going straight to voice mail, which is never a good thing.

thwany said...

i guess that's where i come in!

btw, thanks for the socks.