Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Anoop Dog!

For those of you who have never had a migraine, I highly recommend not having one. The one I just had put me out of commission for half of Saturday, all of Sunday, ALL of Monday and half of Tuesday. My last dose of Anacin wore off 8 minutes ago, and I am praying that I can sleep tonight without it. Last night, I had to cry myself to sleep. Partly from the pain, but I'd be lying if I didn't also say partly from self pity. There is nothing, nothing, nothing fun about a migraine. OK, so what can I blog about tonight that won't require more than 15 brain cells? American Idol!

After not watching for a couple of seasons, I am hooked again. They've just got a great cast of singers. My favorites are Anoop Desai (love, love, loved his rendition of Willie Nelson's Always on My Mind), Danny Gokey, Scott MacIntyre and Megan Joy. But I wouldn't be upset to see Allison, Kris, Matt or Michael win either. I am pretty sure it will come down to Danny and Someone Else. You heard it here first! OK, dear readers, that's about all I have in my head tonight. I sign off listening to Patsy Cline's rendition of Walking After Midnight which Megan sang terrific tonight!


Planetx_123 said...

I also am hooked on American Idol this season, as much as it pains me to admit... but I HATE Anoop! I will totally give you that tonights Willie Nelson was very good, but every other time I have seen him, I have wanted to punch him in the face. I know it seems violent, but he just brings it out of me...and I don't really know why.

Danny is very good. I thought Matt G. was amazing tonight. But you are right, this is just a really good cast this year-- all very talented. And Memphis (my town) is represented TWICE! We're gonna bring it home this year :-)

Oh- and I love Megan, but that little hand & hip thing she does is awkward, yet hilarious!

Much Love,

dannie said...

aw, hope your head is okay, i dont really know what i migraine is..i just know when my head hurts lol do you need a massage?

btw, your word verification was 'coosing' lmao!

Rob said...

Sorry to hear about your migraine. I've lived it through my Grandfather who suffered from it and he had some rough times. The only advice I can give is to be careful with your diet as many people get migraines due to preservatives in food or with hard to digest foods like chocolate.
I hope you feel better. Big hug.

J.T. said...

Hey guys, I seem to have a lost a step this week; hence, the late response. First to Steve, I knew Alex wasn't going to last much longer and she didn't. I think Megan's hand-on-the-hip thing channels Mae West's come-up-and-see-me-some-time. Maybe she's trying to be the next Anna Nicole Smith--I see some resemblance there.

Dannie, I hope you never know what a migraine is. It's your worst headache times 100.

Rob, let's get together when you get back to the States. :-)

Have a great weekend all!

Raven said...

Sorry to hear about your migraine. Those things suck. The worst I've had only lasted a day and a half, and that was bad enough. Hope you stay migraine-free for a long while. And yes, do be aware of your food triggers. I realized that lunchmeat ham was giving me migraines.

I'm not watching Idol regularly this year, but I did catch Country Night this past week. Megan Joy annoyed me. I liked Kris, Anoop, Danny, and the first guy who sang (I forgot his name). I remember Anoop's audition, but everybody else was new to me.

I hated Adam's version of Ring of Fire. I mean hated it. Like, with a vengeance. I know it's an arrangement he borrowed from somebody else, but to me it felt like a big F.U. to Country Night. Like he couldn't be bothered to give country a shot, so if he was forced to do a country song he would do it as non-country as possible. It would be funny if sometime in the future he did try traditionally-arranged country and turned out to be good at it. Then I'd have the last laugh. :)

J.T. said...

Hey Raven,

You're soooo right about Adam's Ring of Fire. That was so horrendous it made me want to turn into a vampire and bite him, and not in a good way.

I have never had a problem with food my entire life, so I can't imagine what food could have triggered it. If I can't enjoy food, that might as well be the end of life...