Thursday, July 24, 2008

Senselessness and Sensibility

I recently finished my second screenplay and have been thinking about several ideas for my third. The problem is that the stuff in the headlines is so outrageous that anything I think of seems to pale in comparison. Kids in Congo dying so that kids in America can play Play Station. That one just made me want to pull my hair out. This cannot be a sane world that we are living in. One minute we're supposed to laugh at Miley Cyrus' latest fashion faux pas and the next we're supposed to worry about suicide bombers in Iraq. It's all getting to be a little too ridiculous. How are we supposed to care about anything? Which brings us to yesterday when I got totally dumped by someone I had developed real feelings for, but the feelings hadn't been mutual. Part of me feels I was lied to, another part of me feels I was just an expendable person whose feelings didn't matter. Things really don't make sense. How long do we keep pretending that they do?


Raven said...

Congrats on finishing #2. I think writing is even more important in a world that doesn't make sense (I ask myself if the world has ever made sense) because through reading or watching what was written people can escape from the real world, they can see the way the world should work (but doesn't), they can see tough issues tackled and they can be made to think, and so on, depending on the genre. For the writers, it can be a small way of changing or making sense of the world. There's not much we little folks can do, but through our writing we can touch the hearts of strangers. That's worth it.

J.T. said...


"they can see the way the world should work"

I am ashamed here. In you I see the heart and mind of the optimist, and I feel I have never done you any justice as a fellow blogger.

Of course I completely understand what you're saying, but the truth (not to mention irony) is that I'm not so sure I'm imparting any kind of hope whatsoever. I have fleshed out the skeleton for screenplay number 3--when it is done, I will have written a trilogy of sorts--and I already know that it is a story that sees straight through hope and dwells on the heart of despair that exists at hope's center.

I will keep you in mind Raven as I write number three. I think hope and idealism and beauty are important. But thanks for reminding me...

Raven said...

It's weird to hear myself called an optimist, because I've never thought of myself as one. It's true my writing usually ends with some sort of hope, often bittersweet, and I guess I still believe there's hope in the real world, too.

I don't think you would be writing unless you had something to say. Even if your message is dark, it's *your* message, and it may touch others and make them think, whether or not they agree with you. And that's worth doing, even if you aren't imparting what the world generally sees as hope.