Sunday, March 9, 2008

Off With Their Heads!!!

Greedy. Shortsighted. Vain. Just a few words to describe Michigan and Florida, who in their salty lust to hog the spotlight from Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have ended up looking like imbecils. Each state wanted to be more important in the nominating process by pushing up their elections to January against Democratic National Committee rules. Each state had its results disqualified. Each state now faces the process of do-over elections at costs of $5 million and upwards. It's only a matter of time before some public interest group sues the governors of each state for said costs, who by the way have shown absolutely no remorse for the sorry state of affairs. This is another classic case of putting individual interests before those of the group. Failure to see the larger picture. Failure to fulfill the potential to come together as one national party. If the Democrats lose in November, the heads of party leaders will be rolling down the steps of the Capitol. And DNC chairman Howard Dean knows it. Which is why he's clamoring right now for do-overs to save his sorry, grossly negligent ass. A mistake one can abide. Sheer ineptitude, no. Allowing Florida and Michigan to move up their elections, thereby displacing millions of voters into a political black hole, recalls Michael Brown and FEMA leaving New Orleans to drown and die in Hurricane Katrina. Howard Dean may yet turn out to be the face that symbolizes this year's Hurricane Election. But if I were Charlie Crist and Jennifer Granholm, the MisGovernors of Florida and Michigan, I wouldn't be breathing easy just yet. Look away now while you can. It may be the last look you get in politics.


Jim Ft. Lauderdale said...

You are very much correct, the State Legislature moved up the date. The Legislature is Republican controlled, but the bill was from a Democrat.

Now, they can't come up with a plan that anyone can agree on. What will happen is that they will just use the results of the primary where Hillary won.

This will cause lawsuits because the candidates were prohibited from campaigning in the state, they could only go to fund raisers. Obama never came to Florida, but Bill & Hillary did. Can you see the lawsuit from the Obama camp now?

And you are correct, no matter what happens, heads will and should roll. People didn't vote because they thought it wouldn't matter for anything. Now you are disenfranchising those people.

This will drag on for years, you have not heard the end of it.

J.T. said...

I think it's a blessing in disguise that Florida had to scrap its mail-in ballot plan. That was a disaster in waiting, one which would have exceeded The Hanging Chad debacle.