Friday, February 22, 2008

The Lights Dim for Edison

I admit Edison Chen is the last person I ever thought I would write about on this blog, but I also know that writing will lead you into some very different universes. If I had to describe this one, I'd say it smelled of oppressively scented flowers, where everything is made of chrome and silver and the strains of baroque music play in the background. A world where things melt in the face of bad thoughts, and you can't be sure if anything will be the same from moment to moment. Edison was never much of a favorite while I was living in Korea, but as a fellow hyphenated Asian (he's Chinese-Canadian)I was proud to see one of my own also doing well in the land of his ancestry. To be sure, he's accomplished quite a lot, as an actor, singer, producer and fashion designer. I had to check wikipedia to make sure he's still only 27. After this photo scandal, he's going to be a lot older. Part of me thinks that there are so many other people I should be empathizing with than a rich entertainer. Another part recognizes that Edison, like many others, got caught up in the lifestyle. The fun. The drugs. The sex. The hype. But no one deserves to have his private life smeared all over the Internet. I read Edison has succumbed to depression. Unable to eat. To show himself in public. The daylights knocked out. I remember those sensations all too well when I was first dealing with my HIV. I feel terrible all over again, but this time for Edison and for all the women whose lives were exposed in those photos. I never thought I would, or could, feel sympathy for Edison Chen. But I'm glad that I do. It means I'm keeping my virus at bay, that there's still something human left inside.


Raven said...

I used to think celebrities had no right to complain about publicity and should know what they were signing up for, but lately I've changed my mind. They're just people, and it's not fair to plaster their lives all over the news/tabloids/Internet. I guess I've become more compassionate with time.

J.T. said...

I think compassion is probably the most underrated quality a human being can possess. We teach our kids to be intelligent, competitive, creative, courageous, confident, but compassionate is one that just seems to get trampled over. Is compassion a sign of strength or weakness? I think you could argue about that one endlessly.

Versatile aL said...

Poor thing. But hey, that's what you get from being in the limelight - no privacy. It's a horrible thing. But at least I got to see Edison's tool (name me one Asian gay man who doesn't want to) :P