Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hung Up!

As hectic and unpredictable as life can be in New York City, I always know exactly where I am going to be on Wednesday evenings at 10 pm--in front of my television watching Bravo's Top Chef. Tonight's finale featured three contestants, any of whom I would have been happy to see win. Throughout the season I was constantly reminded that there are stories behind the plates of food you see in front of you. I related to Dale who revealed that he went into depression after losing his dream job, much the way I had, and battled back to reclaim his life. I loved Casey who spoke earnestly of her struggles to survive and succeed in a predominantly male world. And then there was Hung who went through hell to get from Vietnam to America, overcoming financial and cultural hurdles every step of the way. Since coming to NYC, I've been fortunate to meet (but not date, sadly enough) several Vietnamese guys whom I have shared many good times with. Tonight I am so proud of and celebrate with a fellow Asian who came out of nowhere to get to the top. And in the future I will have to make a trip to Vegas to Guy Savoy or perhaps the new restaurant that Rocco Dispirito said he wanted to open with Hung. At any rate, until then, Bravo to the new Top Chef!

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